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Automotive Electronic Assisted Elesys North America Inc. (formerly owned by NEC, now a company own by Honda) to implement a document management, Intranet site that allow the engineers of NEC, Honda, and GM to collaborate on the designs of Air Bag safety system installed in the cars of Honda & GM Saturn in 2000-2001.

E-Commerce/Software Development Directed the product development of System Backup & Recovery Suite for Farstone Technology. Performed market competitive analysis, maximize its revenue at Retail/E-Commerce space like Staples, Fry's, Digital Rivers, and OEM customers like Phoenix Technologies.

Health Care

Designed the web services & backend infrastructure for Mitochon Systems' Web 2.0, online/virtual healthcare community on MS .Net 3.5 platform hosted by MS SQL Server 2005, help them enlist as one of the preferred vendors of Hoag Hospital at Newport Beach, CA.


Performed sales operation analysis for Skyworks Solutions, Inc., measure the key business performance indicators to assist Skyworks compete in Wireless, Semiconductor industry.

Import/Export Distribution

Consulted by JAS Corporation for its import/export operations between US & China, lower its distribution cost with planned, logistic route at North America.

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